Juganu ORCHIS Light



ORCHIS light fixture with two built-in cameras, 8MP 4K with horizon-to-horizon vision.
The cameras allow continuous video streaming so that every event is recorded and broadcast. Orchis suitable for street, park, path, parking lots and security lighting, made of aluminum painted in an IP66 oven with arm and column top adapter, standard or double insulation, 3000K / 4000K 140lum / w illuminance with option for remote control system using Wireless-Mesh and DALI, with GPS And on, off and dimming capabilities managed using a return system, in the NEMA configuration, Type IV photometric curves including a JACTP protection module with 80W-200W powers, a ten-year warranty, made by JUGANU or an A / SP module.
Lotus family supports the ANSI C136.41 (5 pin NEMA) for remote management system.




  • Efficient, uniform and glare free light
  • 75-90% savings in electricity costs
  • 95% saving in maintenance costs
  • Long Guaranteed operating lifetime
  • Easy installation
  • Increase safety for drivers, riders and pedestrians


  • CCT (Typical) – 3000K / 5000K
  • Several types of optics for various road conditions
  • Lateral distribution: Type II
  • Longitudinal distribution: Medium
  • Photo-biologic: IEC62471 Complied, with risk group exempt
  • Blue Light: IEC62778, IEEE1789 Complied




Dual 8MP 4K Cameras embedded : 

• Full coverage with wide angle of view.
• Static configuration (no PTZ to avoid mechanical related failures and improved MTBF) with Horizon-to-Horizon view.
• 24/7 video streaming of full field of view in order not to lose any event
• Supports ONVIF protocol

JACTP (Juganu AC total protection module, See Documentation : ANSI C136.41                                                                                                                (5-pin NEMA)

Weight Dimensions (mm): 621X314X165
Warranty: 10 years
Maintenance & MTBF: Light reduction < %1 per year
                                       MTBF > 900,000 hours Telcordia SR-332 (Bellcore)
Power Consumption: T1: 0 to 200 W
                                     T2: 0 to 120W
Surge Protection: 10KVA Protection
Power Factor: > 0.92, max current THD 15% at 220V
System Efficacy: up to 152 LPW (including PS & Optics)
Nominal Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
Maximal Voltage: 90 – 305 VAC
Operating Frequency: 47 – 63 Hz
Ingress Protection Rating: IP66 (with Salt fog and UV treatment)
Operating Temperature: –25° to 50°C ambient

Impact Shock; IK08
Lumen Maintenance:  LM80, TM21
                                     L70 – 120,000 hours
                                     L90 – 60,000 hours
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 3000K - 5000K
Color Rendering Index (CRI): >70