Lotus family of Street & Road light


Lotus family of Street & Road lights by Juganu are efficient, lightweight and reliable. High system efficacy of up to 140 LPW allows significant electricity savings of 75-90% compared to HPS and 30% compared to other LEDs. Negligible reduction of light with time of under 5% per year allows stable lighting for many years. Optimized optics direct the light where it is needed, providing uniform illumination, while meeting the international standards for Street & Road lights. JLED fixtures withstand severe weather conditions, such as tropical rains and proximity to the sea.

Lotus family provides infrastructure for smart city and incorporates various pre-installed modules, such as sophisticated wireless communication with cloud management and control software and GPS, which allows autonomous operation, accurate power management module and AC total protection module. Lotus family supports the ANSI C136.41 (5 pin NEMA) for remote management system.



  • Efficient, uniform and glare free light
  • 75-90% savings in electricity costs
  • 95% saving in maintenance costs
  • Long Guaranteed operating lifetime
  • Easy installation
  • Increase safety for drivers, riders and pedestrians


    • CCT (Typical) – 3000K / 6500K
    • Several types of optics for various road conditions
    • Lateral distribution: Type II
    • Longitudinal distribution: Medium
    • Photo-biologic: IEC62471 Complied, with risk group exempt
    • Blue Light: IEC62778, IEEE1789 Complied




    Dimensions (mm):  

    180-200W - 915*354*112
     120-150W - 716*294*112
    70-100W - 681*270*112
    30-50W - 549*205*81


    180-200W - 7.4 Kg
    120-150W - 6 Kg
    70-100W - 5.3 Kg
    30-50W - 3.25 Kg             

    Warranty:  10 years
    Maintenance & MTBF: Light reduction < %5 per year
                                        MTBF > 900,000 hours Telcordia SR-332 (Bellcore)

    Power Consumption: 0-200 W
    Surge Protection: 10KVA Protection
    Power Factor: > 0.92, max current THD 15% at 220V
    System Efficacy: up to 150 LPW (including PS & Optics)
    Nominal Voltage: 100 – 240VAC
    Maximal Voltage: 90 – 305 VAC
    Operating Frequency: 47 – 63 Hz
    Ingress Protection Rating: IP66 (with Salt fog and UV treatment)
    Operating Temperature: –25° to 50°C ambient

    Cooling : "Passive Cooling"  (Junction Temperature < 50°C)
    Impact Shock; IK08
    Lumen Maintenance: LM80, TM21
                                        L90 – 122,000 hours

    Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 3000K - 6500K 
    Color Rendering Index (CRI): >70
    Material: Aluminum, Glass, PC