Brand New 1500 Watts Max WindPower GM-1000X 24/48V 3pcs Blade Wind Turbine Generator is efficient, durable, quiet, versatile, easy to install, assemble and disassemble.


 Use this turbine to supply power to large appliances in your house like your refrigerator, microwave, desktop computers and safe on your electricity bill. The turbine begins to supply power in wind speeds as low as 2.5m/s, creating more Ampere hours of power per day especially in low to average wind speeds. Rain, Snow, or Strong Wind cannot enter the interior of the wind turbine. Exterior and Interior of Turbine has heat removal system which helps the turbine last 18 years. Has Rare Earth Permanent Magnet (REPM) that reduces the weight and volume of the turbine but still produces optimum energy. Changing wind energy to power energy is free and doesn’t pollute the environment, with a highly efficient wind turbine generator like this one.

  • Anti-Rust, Anti-Corrosion, Damp-Proof, Water-Proof, Stand-Proof
  • The turbine is finely balanced, so it has a smooth rotation
  • CE / ISO9001:2000 / ROHS Quality Certifications
  • Reinforced Fiber Glass blades & high efficiency of anti-wind ability
  • Moves Mutely & Steady
  • Low Noise and Environmental Harmony
  • Large Power, High Efficiency & Low Volume